Okay, so it isn’t exactly a concierge in the sense human travelers think, but the hotel has hired a full-time employee to work with the over 100 sea turtles that return to the beach to lay their eggs and prepare the next generation of hatchlings.
The luxury Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa is located at one of five nesting sites for turtles in Oman. Around 100 turtles return to the resort’s beach every year to lay their eggs, and as part of the hotel’s development, a careful conservation plan was put in place. Part of that was hiring a turtle ranger, Mohammed Al Hasani, whose job it is to watch over the endangered creatures.
In order to prepare for the role, Mohammed took a couple of months’ worth of training to get all the information he could on the animals, including their habits, their habitat, and their lives.  That training …