Mickler is just chill. He does a lot of tricks and knows a lot of things, but he doesn’t get excited easily. He’s happy to sit by your side and keep you calm.
Mickler is a 19-month-old yellow Labrador and golden retriever mix who has an important job. He’s the new courthouse and facility dog at the Center for Child Protection. What that means is he’s allowed into the courthouse with a child who has to testify against his or her abuser. He sits in the witness stand with the child, ready to be pet whenever that child gets anxious.
Mickler came to the center about two months ago after the center lost its first therapy dog, Sydney, in December. Sydney had been with the center since 2009.
Even before Sydney died, the center applied for a grant with Impact Austin’s Girls Giving Grants program to help offset the $15,000-a-year cost of keeping …