May 2nd, 2017
It’s a warm afternoon as we get to the CCWE Trust home in Chidambaram to spread a little bit of happiness and cheer to approximately 80 elderly individuals and differently-abled orphans. These children suffer from autism in a country where autistic children are routinely left by parents on the doorstep of an orphanage, left in the hospital, or are just immediately given over to authorities.
It’s a situation tale that happens far too often in Chennai, a city of about 7,000,000, and across the rest of India. Whether their families couldn’t or didn’t want to provide for these special needs children, their health and well-being falls to the wonderful individuals who run facilities for the country’s 20,000,000 abandoned or orphaned children.
Arun Prasath, founder of and the man behind the idea to start our small business’ outreach program for autistic orphans, says: “Anybody or any business …