MAHOMET –A fast-food restaurant employee is getting an unexpected gift from her customers.
Trina Williams has become well-known working at the McDonald’s in Mahomet. Now several regulars are banding together to thank her.
The only thing Williams asks of people is for them to smile and have a great day. That enough inspired her regulars to do something nice, but when they found out a little more about her, they decided to go above and beyond.
The drive thru won’t cost you more than a couple dollars to get a bite to eat. Still, the customers at the Mahomet McDonald’s get quite a bang for their buck.
“You get something out of it,” says Williams, “Not just food.”
Williams has been chatting customers up for about two years.
“Trina is the nicest person I’ve ever met,” says restaurant manager Heather Dick, “She has the biggest heart.” I wish we could clone her, and have multiples of …