When we talk about inclusion in any medium, we generally end up talking about representation across gender or ethnic/racial lines. Less common is varied representations of body types, mental health, and physical or neurological ability. How amazing it is, then, that Lion Forge Comics is staying true to its mission to make “Comics for Everyone” by introducing the world’s first superhero with Down syndrome.
The book is called Superb, and it’s written by David F. Walker (Marvel’s Nighthawk, Luke Cage) and Sheena C. Howard (Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation), with art by Ray-Anthony Height, Le Beau L. Underwood and Veronica Gandini.
According to a statement made by Lion Forge President, Geoff Gerber, Superb centers around a protagonist named Jonah, and tells the story of “two young people faced with challenges who struggle to understand one another and what it means to be heroes.” It can be very tricky for people to …