However, for the first time since the storms of 1984, the island’s villagers and tourists can enjoy a walk along the strand again, as the sea has deposited thousands of tons of sand onto the formerly rocky beach.
The tonnes of sand were dumped on the beach over a ten day period in April, re-creating a 300m stretch of golden beach.
Speaking to, Alan Gielty, owner of the local Gielty’s Bar and Restaurant said he has seen a rise in people coming to the area in recent weeks.
“There’s a lot of people coming in to see it now. I’ve a little coffee shop here and since the news broke there’s people calling every day to see the beach,” Mr Gielty said.
The beach was also washed away in the 1890s but had returned by the 1930s. The beach had originally sustained four hotels and a number of guesthouses …