The foreign currency notes and valuables in the black backpack worth Rs 8 lakh, forgotten by its owner in his taxi, could have taken care of everything Debendra Kapri has ever wished for.
The 22-year-old taxi driver returned it to its owner and bought contentment instead. His conscience and his father’s lessons on honesty figure higher on the list than his needs, he says.
Last week, Kapri walked into a police station at Delhi’s domestic airport to deposit a bag left behind in his vehicle by a passenger earlier that day. The officer on duty was shocked to find that it contained gold jewellery, a laptop, an iPhone, a camera and $70 — items amounting to a whopping Rs 8 lakh.
Kapri claimed that he knew what was there inside the bag but decided to return it to its owner. The police later found out that the bag belonged to Mubisher …