A eight-member family of Canada geese travelling across the High Level Bridge caused a bit of a traffic slowdown Monday morning.
Edmontonians were quick to step in and try and help the mother, father and six goslings once they realized that the birds were trapped.  
The goslings had got onto the roadway at the north end of the bridge and couldn’t climb back up onto the sidewalk by themselves.
That led the feathered family to move further out onto the bridge as the parents tried to find a place to get their goslings to safety. Luckily for them, they had some human assistance.
“Well, we can either walk on and forget about the goslings and one of them will get squished or we can do something now — and we chose to do something now,” said Lynette Stanley-Maddocks.
Stanley-Maddocks and Jen Russill were out for a walk when they saw Angel Sundresh trying to assist the …