DETROIT – A woman who was pregnant last month when two police officers and a paramedic saved her from the Detroit River spoke with Local 4 about what happened.
“It was a night to not want to remember,” Ethel Woodger said.
Sitting around a conference table with the people who saved her life, Woodger said she has a new appreciation for the men and women who risk their lives for others.
“They’re risking their lives just for me and my child,” Woodger said. “It was amazing. It was a blessing.”
Woodger was walking April 17 along the Detroit River in Riverside Park when she fell into the freezing waters and couldn’t get out. A bystander threw her a coat to hang onto and tried to pull her out with a tree branch, but it didn’t work.
Officers Brian Gadwell and Steve Rauser were there within minutes.
“She started to slip,” Gadwell said. “We were trying to rip …