Durham, N.C. — A Durham police officer on his lunch break was able to save a dog, but the residents of 503 Valleymede Drive lost just about everything else, firefighters said.
Durham police Cpl. Dante Ferrell saw smoke coming from the home and was the first to report the fire.
By the time he got to the home, Ferrell said, the second floor was engulfed in flames.
“I went to the door, saw the dog looking back at me out of the window, and, you know, went ahead and called it in on the radio,” he said.
Ferrell kicked in the door to save the dog and check the house for people.
“I work in Internal Affairs, so I don’t have boots on. I kicked the door with some 2-year-old dress shoes, so I felt more of it on my foot than I liked,” Ferrell said. “I had to kick it two or three times. …