Ducklings again! Special police service saved Ducklings at Ulmenstraße in Oberhausen, Germany.
Oberhausen (ots)
Today, 08.05.2017 at around 09:00 clock a Oberhausen Women, made a call from the Ulmenstraße, in her garden. The police control center was able to put a police ready. The police officers there found ten ducklings and their mama. They had obviously lost their way, and they could not find their way to the water. The patrol decided to help and went first to a duck hunt. An empty bucket served as a transport vessel. The ten chicks were caught and transported to the bucket. Afterwards the police officers walked along the Ulmenstraße with the bucket to the Nelkenstraße. The smart ducklingsmama followed excitedly. Then they went to the canal. The chicks were then handed back to their mum. She jumped quickly with her little ones into the canal and swam away.
(Enclosed photo-editorial & Original written; Axel …