A local man has gone from robbing banks to being a manager at Lippert Components, and he is sharing his story. Jay Wade credits hard work and Goodwill Industries for his success.
It takes dozens of people along the line at Lippert Components to churn out more than 2,000 awning parts a shift. Jay Wade is in charge of them.
“These are my people,” says Wade as he overlooks the two assembly lines, “great guys.”
Wade wasn’t always in charge though, even of his own life.
“Being in prison, you just think about getting out, getting a job and staying out. That is all you think about it,” says Wade.
He now considers himself a success.
“I would like to think so,” says Wade.
But, early in his teens, it wasn’t this kind of success he was looking for.
“I was constantly in trouble with my parents, skipping school, stealing until I got 17. Then it turned into …