SPRINGFIELD — Every year for the past four years, Jean E. Gailun, a volunteer at Kensington International School, has raised money to send students to summer camp.
Usually she raises enough money to send about 50 students to the YMCA’s Camp Weber in West Springfield, but that just wasn’t enough for her. This year, she raised about $40,000, making it possible for 115 students to attend the two-week day camp this summer.
“A number of years ago, I was thinking about summertime and how lucky I was to have such great summers, and I was realizing that not everybody is as lucky as I was,” she said to parents and students during an after-school meeting Tuesday to discuss the camp plans.
She contacted the YMCA and worked out a deal. Not only is the camp fee covered through the donations she collects, but students will get transportation to and from the camp. There …