A little boy made viral news when he bought a group of Philadelphia police officers coffee to thank them for their services.
The boy, identified by Fox 29 News as Logan Baum, was only three years old at the time, but still gave the cops a five-dollar bill for their drinks at the Four Seasons diner in Northeast Philadelphia.
Logan’s mother, Trisha Baum, said the police originally did not want her son to give up his money, but later relented, saying, “It was a big deal for me when my son wanted to do that and it’s very touching.” The officers had reportedly been at the diner to eat with Trisha’s stepfather.
The 15th District officers thanked Logan by taking photos with him, and later showed him around their police car. In addition to these photos, surveillance footage from the diner immortalized Logan playing the Good Samaritan to the officers, as can be …