He has also employed 16 other Syrian refugees. The father and daughter were partially helped by an online campaign called ‘buy pens’, which aimed to lift the family out of poverty.
It comprised a Twitter profile and a crowdfunding campaign, which raised over £120,000.
The campaign was started by a journalist and web developer in Norway, Gissur Simonarson.
Mr Attar used the money to start his businesses and also gave away around £16,000 of it to friends and family in Syria.
“Not only did my life change, but also the lives of my children and the lives of people in Syria whom I helped,” he said.
He now employs 16 other Syrian refugees   Photo: HUSSEIN MALLA/ASSOCIATED PRESS
Since the campaign, his nine-year-old son returned to school after three years, and him and children moved from the one bedroom flat …