A Sheffield farmer got creative to rescue two kittens stuck in the walls of his goat barn as it filled with flood water.
Duncan Bridges and his stepdaughter Jaelyn, 7, were getting ready Wednesday to feed the goats and horses on the family farm along Route 105, where the St. John River and Grand Lake are both high.
As they prepared the supplies, they heard crying coming from a corner of the goat barn.
“I heard cats meowing,” said the 24-year-old Bridges, who has lived on the farm his entire life. “We had to put our ear against the wall and look for them.”
Immediately, Bridges knew that the animals, stuck between the interior and outside walls of the barn, were in danger. About four to five inches of water already covered the floor.
“I took matters into my own hands,” he said. “It was quite the rescue mission.”
In his rubber boots, Bridges removed part of the inside wall …