A few years ago Corey Fleischer was driving between jobs in a truck with his power-washing tools when he spotted two swastikas and the letters “KKK” spray-painted on a Montreal food delivery van.
He convinced the owner of the van to let him remove the paint. Ten minutes later, the graffiti was gone.
To one person, it may have been their good deed for their day. For Fleischer, it was the beginning of his life’s work.
Since then, Fleischer has erased thousands of hate-graffiti markings from public view across Montreal.
Two years into his “Erasing Hate” movement, he’s expanding to Toronto.
In an interview with CTV’s Your Morning on Thursday, Fleischer said that he experienced a feeling of euphoria after removing his first hateful graffiti. “I found myself secretly roaming around the city of Montreal for around four to five years, looking to try and erase any hate that …