When you clicked, you were rewarded with a genuinely heart-warming scene. A confused Frenchman on a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Nice, asked to reveal the contents of a bag on his lap… and plucking out a “squeeze box”.
“What is this? An accordion?” one of the flight attendants asked. “This is an Irish company and you have to play the accordion.”
“Meanwhile in Ireland… Ryanair are no United Airlines,” quipped The Irish Post, referring to the now-infamous incident in which passenger David Dao was dragged down the aisle of a United aircraft, before being removed from the flight.
“It was just this little moment of magic,” says Francois Colussi, the man at the centre of the video, sharing his story exclusively with Independent.ie Travel.
But was the video a genuine moment, or a pre-rehearsed PR stunt, as some on social media have suggested? What was the real story behind it?
Colussi lives in Ireland, …