A substantial amount of forest land has just been ‘found’, meaning both good and bad news for our planet.
In a modern age where our entire world is mapped by satellites, we tend to think that we know almost everything there is to know about the Earth’s vast tracts of land.
However, new research published to the scientific journal Science has found that, astonishingly, we missed quite a lot of forest, according to The Conversation.
After some recalculations and some extensive image searching, the research team was astonished to find that the amount of global forest cover has now shot up by 9pc with the discovery of 467m hectares.
Equating to an area around two-thirds the size of Australia, the new forest land was found in areas dubbed ‘drylands’ that typically have negative precipitation due to a lack of rainfall.
According to the researchers, the dryland forests have remained undiscovered by ecologists because the low …