TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –
“I had to make makeshift shelter with blue tarps, to avoid the rain, and alleyways, sleeping near the Tempe Public Library.”
At just 15  Albert Alan left home to escape his abusive father who struggled with PTSD, and found himself living on the streets of Tempe.
“I really had to hang on to my humanity and envision a better future” he said.
But Alan didn’t just dream of a better life, he made it happen. He opened a new chapter at the University of Arizona. 
As a student Alan struggled to make ends meet, often forced to choose between eating and paying rent.
“I was just walking on this beautiful campus here and I was like, what is little me doing here? I saw the fancy cars, and the people and I thought man, am I even in the right place?” 
But his struggles …