The self-taught 22-year-old took just a few hours to stop the breach, which had already spread to more than 200,000 victims – including the NHS – across 150 countries.
Speaking to The Telegraph, he said he had known him a “reasonably long time”. “He is a really nice friend and also a business colleague. He was just doing his job,” he said. “If we could make him work for us then we would employ him in a heartbeat, but he won’t move.”
He added: “It is not a job to him, more a passion that he happens to get paid for.”
“He gets paid to do his hobby which is most people’s dream in life,” he added.
His social media accounts are peppered with tweets about his love of surfing and views of the waves along the coast. In one tweet, he wrote: “I could move to a city but where in a city would I …