This is a column about females and their bodies and their bodies’ needs. It’s also about schools and bathrooms. And tampons. Lots and lots of tampons.
It may be too much for those who get squeamish when it comes to women and their periods. So I understand if you want to step out to write a mean, angry note to me about, oh, I don’t know, feminism.
But it wasn’t too much for Cordelia Longo, an eighth-grader at Islander Middle School on Mercer Island who recently found herself in school, in need of feminine protection — and out of luck.
The building she was in had no sanitary napkin/tampon machine in it. So she walked to another building, found a bathroom with a machine, put in a dime — and got nothing. She went to another building, found a machine, inserted a dime and again — nothing.
“I just felt scared because I was …