Osnabrücks Environment Investigation Group has – successfully – completed investigations into fraud and breaches of the animal welfare law, violations of the trade regulations, the Animal Disease Protection Ordinance and the Animal Health Law.
A Mother with her Puppy. Foto: Police Animal Protection Department.
The proceedings concern the fraudulent sale and the illegal importation of dog-puppies from Eastern Europe, mainly Lithuania, improper transport of animals and lack of vaccination protection – for dog-puppies – imported into Western Europe. These animals, which do not have full basic immunization, were sold privately over the Internet, for the most part via so-called “sales agents”. They are bred in Eastern Europe only for sale, taken away from the mother animals by 4-5 weeks and then brought to Western Europe in a dubious way (without water and food) in a dubious manner.
This is against a 40-year-old woman from Bohmte, who kept several dogs and puppies, who were obviously neglected …