Yet more than two centuries after colonisation and 50 years since Aboriginal people won full citizenship there is still one profession that no indigenous person has ever gotten into, one job that no indigenous Australian has ever had.
That is, until now.
Meet Anthony Murray. He is about to make history. And until last year he didn’t even know he was doing it.
Almost 230 years since the landing of the First Fleet, Anthony is set to break into what is widely regarded as the toughest branch of the most exclusive profession. He will become Australia’s first indigenous orthopedic surgeon.
Orthopedic surgeons are the marines of the medical world, the surgeon’s surgeon. Some even title themselves “Mr” instead of “Dr” — a quaint reverse snobbery dating back to the time when physicians looked down on surgeons as “bone crunchers”. These days, after 16 years of intensive training, many deliberately keep the “Mr” to remind …