Gujarati state officials had planned a 4,000-Megawatt ultra-mega power project (UMPP).
It would have been the state of Gujarat’s second UMPP. 
“Gujarat had proposed the UMPP last year but we now feel we do not need more,” energy minister Chimanbhai Sapariya told the Business Standard. “We already have more than sufficient generation capacity.
“Our focus is now on renewable energy. The government will encourage solar power.”
Messages are seen on plastic containers filled with faeces, called ‘Poopootovs’, which is a play on Molotov cocktails, before they are thrown at security forces during protests, in addition to the usual rocks and petrol bombs, in Caracas, Venezuela. The messages read, ‘Freedom’, ‘Free Venezuela’, ‘For the future’, ‘For Venezuela’, ‘This is you’, ‘For the political prisoners’, ‘Murderers’, ‘GNB you are this’ and ‘For our children’
US former President Barack Obama is silhouetted as he leaves the stage at the end of his speech during the third edition of ‘Seed & …