A dog found wandering in a country lane has been reunited with its owner three years after it went missing.
Dasha the greyhound disappeared in Derbyshire during the summer of 2014. Owner Jessica Miller claims it was sold without her permission.
The dog was spotted by a farmer almost 100 miles away in Herefordshire and has since returned home.
Ms Miller, who had used social media to find Dasha, said: “I genuinely believed I would never see Dasha again.”
Dasha was last seen in Alvaston, near Derby, and on 9 May was spotted wandering down a country lane in Staunton-on-Arrow, in Leominster.
Herefordshire Council enforcement officer Dave Poolton found the dog to be microchipped and managed to trace Ms Miller.
Mr Poolton said: “When I saw that the dog was last registered in Derbyshire several years ago, I naturally assumed that the microchip was out of date. Nevertheless, I called Jessica, and the first …