Why we all need to be invested in making OB and the hospital a success
Plumas District Hospital in Quincy remains committed to providing obstetric services at a time when most rural hospitals are discontinuing the practice. In fact, Plumas District is the smallest hospital in California to offer OB. It’s a decision that the hospital’s leadership team has struggled with because it is expensive and impacts the facility’s bottom line.
Dr. Jeff Kepple, the CEO of Plumas District Hospital, addressed this issue in a memo: “Since I became CEO, I have been committed to not letting the OB service line go, despite the regulatory pressures, malpractice and liability issues, the financial losses, as well as the shortage of OB nurses. I believe closing this program would start a negative spiral downward for our hospital, as well as the vitality and economic development in our community.”
And we agree with him. If our …