A Canadian city has banned an aquarium from bringing in new dolphins, whales and narwhals.
The Vancouver Park Board voted to ban bringing in all new cetaceans, even if they are injured or rescued.
Some people believe keeping large mammals in captivity is cruel and dangerous for the animals’ health.
But the Vancouver Aquarium says the ban effectively ends whale rehabilitation and research in Canada.
The aquarium, which sits on land controlled by the parks department, currently has three cetaceans, all of which were rescued and considered incapable of living in the wild.
These animals will remain and are not affected by the ban.
Protesters on both sides of the debate turned up for the vote on Monday night.
Public sentiment has been turning away from keeping whales in captivity for some time, says Vancouver Humane Society spokesperson Peter Fricker.
“There’s substantial scientific evidence that cetaceans do suffer in captivity, and that outweighs the benefit …