A 24-year-old Baltimore man who has beaten five attempted first-degree murder charges was acquitted of five more counts Friday when a jury found him not guilty of committing a quintuple shooting at a Memorial Day cookout last year.
David Warren, who Police Commissioner Kevin Davis last year called a “trigger puller … who should absolutely not be on the streets of Baltimore,” was facing 34 counts overall, including five counts of attempted first-degree murder.
Since 2006, when he was 14 years old, Warren has been charged five previous times with attempted first-degree murder. In all of those cases, the charges were dropped before going to trial.
Warren’s attorney in the latest case, Stephen Patrick Beatty, said it was unfair to hold the past cases against his client. He noted this was Warren’s first case to go before a jury.
“What happens is a person gets wrongfully accused, and he ends up on the radar …