On the Evening of 17.05.2017, a Police Car from the Police Station Dormagen moved to a Farm on the Siegstreet. A large Group of concerned Local Residents were already waiting.
A desperate mew had called a nice Guy on the Scene and persuaded him to inform the Police. In unused Cellars of a multi-family house, children, through a small, open window, had discovered a Cat mother with her four young Animals. The Policemen organized a Key and gained Access to the Cellar. “For us it was a very sad picture, that was offered.” An Official – later described the Situation. “On our arrival the frightened Catmum sat in a Corner – the four Puppies were all spread out on the Ground, felt cold and hardly moved.”
It seemed as if the pregnant Mother had entered the Cellar through the open Window to bring her Offspring into the World. But the supposedly safe hiding Place turned out to …