Alyssa Mulliger Staff Writer @AMulligerSHJ
Four years ago, Heather Dunnaway, now 17, never thought she’d get to wear a cap and gown.
For the majority of her life, Dunnaway’s family home was at various Spartanburg motels — places where she and her siblings often were surrounded by illicit activity and where their childhoods involved bullying and periods of loneliness.
As a teenager living at a motel, Dunnaway would start her day by waking up before sunrise to catch the bus to Spartanburg High School, go to class and then ride the bus back to the motel after school.
The motel was always the first bus stop in the mornings and the last stop in the afternoons so classmates wouldn’t tease Dunnaway and other kids about where they lived. But she said they still got picked on.
“Any time …