On Saturday, May 20, the Fremont Abbey Arts Center will be decked out in balloons, lights, and decorations. Attendees will be in glamorous gowns, wear their best hair and makeup and dance the night away.
But this isn’t a high school prom. It’s the Seattle Mom Prom.
Since 2010, women in the Seattle area have held a Mom Prom, an all-female dance party that benefits a local nonprofit organization. In addition to music and dancing, activities include free hair and makeup services, a candy bar, a photo booth, raffles, and a silent auction.
“There’s no male gaze, there’s no competition, there’s no performing perfection,” said organizer Myla Rugge of Redmond. It’s about “having the night off, being free of responsibility, and having fun.”
Seattle isn’t the only city with a Mom Prom. According to Betsy Crapps, who organized the very first Mom Prom in 2007 in Canton, Michigan, there are 90 proms planned throughout …