Nintendo shows how much they care about all of their fans.
We’ve seen time and again how Nintendo has gone out of their way to help their fans. From sending new DS systems after they broke, to “Uncle Miyamoto” replacing broken NES cartridges, there are plenty of stories of Nintendo’s goodness.
But one recent story has popped up online and touched our hearts in a different way. Japanese Twitter user @kentarock1020 recently posted the letter his son (who is blind) sent to Nintendo.
His son didn’t ask for any replacements or anything. Instead, he just had a simple, beautiful message.
? Here’s the original tweet made by his father.
(Translation below)
My son Hibiki is blind and has perfectly cleared every game in the Rhythm Tengoku series, the only games he can play. He sent Nintendo a letter and they actually responded! Them sending such a sincere correspondence to just one person is truly divine …