SMILING from ear to ear, Harry Parker takes some of his first steps since a life-changing operation?.?.?.?paid for by a total stranger.
Harry, seven, has a rare form of cerebral palsy. He faced life in a wheelchair unless his family could find £75,000 for a crucial op on his spine to let him walk.
But in a remarkable act of kindness, steel firm boss Glenn Tamplin gifted the family £45,000 to complete their fundraising efforts.
Thanks to that stunning gesture, footie-mad Harry can look forward to having a kickabout with his dad and dreams of emulating his hero — Spurs and England star Harry Kane.
Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, the brave youngster said: “I always wanted to play football with Daddy but haven’t been able to.
“A kind stranger turned my life around and now he’s a friend of all my family. Now I can stand and walk, I want to kick a …