Even as congratulatory messages continue to come in for Keith Griffith, an Alabama teenager with Down syndrome who recently learned that he was accepted to college, his high school teacher has launched a fundraising effort to help him pay tuition.
The video of Keith opening his acceptance letter from the University of South Alabama’s Passage USA certificate program for students with intellectual disabilities went viral after his mother, Heather Griffith, shared it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.
In the touching video, Keith, a 2016 graduate of Satsuma High School, sheds happy tears as he hugs his mom when he realizes he’s going to go to college. Celebrities like George Takei and Ashton Kutcher have shared the video, which has been viewed by millions.
But last week, his mother learned that Keith didn’t receive an O’Neill Tabani Enrichment Fund postsecondary enrichment grant for adults with Down syndrome to help pay his tuition. She had …