A drug addiction treatment centre claims to be helping patients give up heroin and cocaine with medical marijuana.
Cannabis is more frequently associated with getting high than getting sober – but the directors of one rehab facility in Los Angeles say it can reduce overall harm caused by drug use.
“Some say it’s hypocritical because, you know, you’re supposed to go to rehab to get off drugs,” Joe Schrank, founder of the High Sobriety clinic, told CNN.
But marijuana “can really help people with pain management and other health issues, or it can help them be safer“, he said.
Mr Schrank said a “cannabis detox” can be helpful for those with severe addictions because unlike with harder drugs, there is no known lethal dose.
The centre has so far treated around 50 people with the drug. Mr Shrank said it can help alleviate the distressing symptoms of going ‘cold-turkey’ and reduce drug dependence in the …