Corporations don’t often take the time to respond directly to their fans, but Nintendo really made an effort in this case. Hibiki Sakai is a 5th grader from Japan who sadly lost his eyesight at a young age. However, he still manages to play Nintendo games. According to his letter, he loves the Rhythm Heaven series. Hoping that Nintendo will make more Rhythm games, Sakai wrote this letter to the company.
Hello. My name is Hibiki Sakai and I am in fifth grade. I am blind, but I’ve always wanted to play video games like everyone else. But there aren’t many games I can play at all. The one game I can really play is Rhythm Tengoku. It’s the only game I can enjoy together with others, and I never lose at it. I’ve gotten perfect scores on all the versions on the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii, and 3DS too.
So I …