Mancunians have joined together to help each other with heartwarming offers of help amid the chaos following reports of explosions at Manchester Arena.
Social media had many displays of community spirit and generosity as a #RoomForManchester hashtag begun circulating with people offering help.
Some are offering accommodation or a lift amid offers of free taxi rides while other residents are just offering a tea and a hug to those shaken by the blast.
“Ring if you need a place to come sit,” one Twitter user offered, providing their phone number.
Another said: “Wonderful people of Manchester using #RoomForManchester to help those in need.”
One Twitter user said: “My best friend and her flat mates will open their doors to those in need! let them know! #RoomForManchester”
Megan Sasoon said: “Manchester is & always has been strong.
“Seeing twitter full of offers of places to stay, free taxis, etc makes me proud to be a Mancunian.”
Some tweets …