There are few things more disheartening for a hard rocking teenage band, shredding tunes with amps turned up to 11 and a crowd jamming out, than the sight of a police cruiser pull up to the party. 
Usually it means a stern warning at best or a ticket for a few hundred bucks (and a major buzz kill). 
“We all figured it was going to get shut down,” said Tom Bjelic, father of the band’s 15-year-old bass player Corwin. 
Instead, Bjelic recalls, the two constables simply asked that the band turn down the amps a bit. Then they stood and listened to a couple songs, and left. 
About half an hour passed before the two constables returned to the backyard party on Cliff Drive. 
Surely that was the end of the party, Bjelic thought, and the mood among the 75 or so guests sank for a moment, he said.
‘I was hoping I could sit in on a …