In the village of Junwani, for example, attending services last Easter was declared as illegal, and those who went to the services were fined $312, an amount equivalent to four or five months of wages, according to the International Christian Concern.
The situation could get worse, according to a local pastor.
“These Christians of Junwani are going [to] face an even more dangerous situation for following Jesus,” he told ICC. “The police hardly take notice of their cry.”
Some believers have openly defied the authorities and challenged the fines imposed upon them. One of them is Kanesh Singh, a 55-year-old man who addressed the village elders about the fines.
“What crime have I committed that I should pay the fine?” Singh said. “I have not stolen anything. I have not defiled any woman. I have not quarreled. I have not killed anybody.”
“If you think going to church and worshiping Jesus is the crime, I …