By the medieval Old Town of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, I sat in the sun, sipping a beer on a cafe’s terrace. Behind me, a young woman sat at a small, round, white-marble table, the kind you see in European cafes, except this one was inlaid with a brown marble chessboard. She pushed around a few left-behind pieces, and then looked up. She had extraordinary blue eyes like polished gems, long jet-black hair falling in waves. I started silently figuring out how to say in French, “Would you like to play a game of chess?”
View image of Bill and Marie-France met in a café in the medieval Old Town of Neuchâtel, Switzerland (Credit: Credit: Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH/Alamy)
The time was June 1975, and I was hitchhiking around Switzerland and France the …