Griffen Annett, who rescued a woman being sexuallty assualted while playing Pokemon Go with friends, is interviewed at an Edmonton Police Commission Citizen Awards at Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alta. on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Ian Kucerak / Postmedia (For Catherine Griwkowsky story)

Griffen Annett was playing Pokemon Go with a group of friends on a Saturday night in August when they heard a terrifying scream.
Annett, 20, along with Nicola Scott-Federow and Crystal Lambert jumped into action when they quickly realized a woman was being assaulted in some nearby woods. For their actions to help the victim, the group of friends were recognized at the Edmonton Police Commission Citizen Awards this week. 
It was late in the evening and the group of friends decided to play Pokemon Go close to home, while the craze was at the height of its popularity. Then they heard the scream.
“It was a scream that wouldn’t have been funny if it was a joke,” Annett said after the awards ceremony. “It caught the attention of everyone in our group.”
The first instinct was to set off in the direction of the scream. Then they heard the second one and a …