Elizabeth Storrs holds a sign during a unity rally held in reaction to recent racist events at Albany High School in Albany, Calif., on Friday, March 31, 2017. According to a letter sent to parents by Superintendent Val Williams, several students have allegedly been taking part in racist exchanges involving the school. (Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group)

Every school has a sexual harassment policy, but Oakland will soon have a new policy modified by female students.
The move follows a report about the experiences of girls of color in Oakland schools.
Sexual harassment at school has been going on for years, but Oakland student Kiah Killens says there’s nothing playful about the behavior.
“They just sexually harassed girls, touched them inappropriately and girls will speak up and voice ‘no, it’s not ok,’ but it wasn’t respected when it came out of our mouths,” student Kiah Killens said.
“A lot of messages we hear from music, or we see on TV, music videos,” another student said.
Iminah Ahmad is a former Oakland student. She says those messages are sometimes embedded in popular culture, making them acceptable when they shouldn’t be.
But a new student-driven sexual harassment policy wants to change that.Oakland Unified and Alliance for Girls got together to start modifying the district’s existing …