GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA-TV) – An Upstate African American church got a huge check from a mystery donor this weekend, but it’s the letter than came with it that proved to be an even bigger gift.
The Pastor of Nicholtown Presbyterian Church, Reverend Michael Sullivan said he was blown away by what they received. First, they got a check for 2000 dollars towards their ministry and, second, an anonymous letter from a man claiming to be a reformed racist wanting forgiveness.
“Dear sir and ma’am. Please accept this 2000 dollar donation to Nicholtown Presbyterian Church,” the letter reads. “I am white and used to be a terrible racist… I send this donation as a heartfelt apology”
In just two paragraphs, Sullivan saw proof of a changed heart.
“When I read the letter, I said wow. I said “look at how God works,” said Sullivan.
It’s a gesture that comes with great power, said Sullivan, to heal …