May 25 (UPI) — A spontaneously formed rescue team in Canada helped save a pair of orphaned moose calves after their mother was hit by a vehicle.
Ospika Animal Hospital in Prince George, British Columbia shared photos of the two baby moose who were rescued by members of the UNBC Moose Capture team days after their mother was killed.
“They then brought them to us and Dr. McLachlan examined them and administered fluids to ensure they were healthy enough to travel,” the hospital said.
The impromptu rescue began when University of Northern B.C. instructor Roy Rea received a text from Angelika Langen of the Northern Lights Wildlife Society informing him of the distressed moose calves.
“I noticed along the side of the road in the area a big blood spatter and a bunch of pieces from a car,” Rea told the CBC. “I thought to myself, ‘uh oh, if these calves have been without …