AN IRISH CHARITY is urgently seeking donations to help the former sex slaves of Islamic State soldiers, also known as ISIS.
Syrias Vibes, an Irish-based charity set up to help the innocent victims of the wars in Iraq and Syria, is seeking to fund a psychologist to work with Yazidi women, after the psychologist’s contract with an Italian NGO expired three weeks ago.
The Yazidis, an ethno-religious minority based predominantly in northern Iraq, were targeted by Isis in a “convert or die” campaign in the summer of 2014.
Up to 5,000 men and boys were slaughtered and dumped in mass graves while up to 7,000 women and children were taken into captivity where, it’s believed, as many as 3,000 remain.
The women were sold as slaves in markets, as much as 15 times within the group, and researchers who’ve interviewed survivors describe their trauma as the “most distressing” they’ve ever experienced.
Calvin James, a Dublin-born …