LAKEWOOD, CA (KCAL/KCBS/CNN) – A 98-year-old California woman has made it her mission to send letters to the heroes serving this country overseas.
It started years ago with her son, who served in the Vietnam war.
At a time when most conversations are instant, Alleen Cooper proves the art of letter-writing isn’t lost.
She started sending letters to America’s troops back during World War II. They’ve gone to soldiers in harm’s way and the wounded in hospitals.
All of Cooper’s letters are at least four pages long, and she keeps track, making sure no two are alike.
What Cooper’s serving up at her kitchen table is comfort food for soldier’s souls, and they can’t seem to get enough.
They’ve sent her commendations and even flags from their bases.
Friday, she was connected with one of her Marines.
Cooper first wrote Staff Sgt. Chris Cantos years ago when he was in a remote area of Afghanistan with no wireless …