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“?’v? been w?rk?ng on this for many ???rs,” ????h?n s??d. “? actually have s?v?r? f??d ?ll?rg??s m?s?lf, so ?’v? need to ??rr? an ???n??hr?n? d?v??? for many ???rs. ?hr?ugh?ut that ?r???ss ?’v? r??l?z?d the ?urr?nt d?v??? is really b?g and ?umb?rs?m?, to the ???nt where ? hardly ever ??rr??d ?t.”
?? says you never know when you are g??ng to have a s?v?r? r???t??n, so it is important to keep the m?d???n? with you at all t?m?s.
?? says he st?rt?d t?nk?r?ng around his l?b several ???rs ?g? and ?r??t?d a sm?ll?r d?v???, which he ??lls ?ll?rg??t??.
“?? ?h?n?? ? came to r??l?z? how ?n????ns?v? the ??rts w?r?, ?n?lud?ng the m?d???n?, and ? r??l?z?d …