INSPIRING. Lucille Guiquin graduates cum laude from college despite juggling her studies and work as a household helper. Photo courtesy of Lucille Guiquin
MANILA, Philippines – On Saturday, May 27, the photo of Lucille Guiquin graduating from college went viral on social media, inspiring many netizens for finishing college and graduating cum laude after juggling her studies and work as a household helper with the Benzon family. (The post has since been taken down)
Guiquin hails from Negros Occidental and came to work for the Benzons back in 2006. Her family works in a small hacienda in Talisay and after her high school graduation, she came with her aunt to Manila.
She proved to be responsible and focused when it comes to work.
Roland Benzon, the head of the family said: “One of her admirable qualities is her ability to focus. She did not twiddle with her phone while caring for …