A woman who survived the Manchester terror attack has taken in the daughter of her best friend, Wendy Fawell, who was killed in the blast. 
Caroline Davis Osborne has said she will “always be there” for 15-year-old Charlotte after her mother was killed in the suicide bombing that left 21 others dead and more than 100 others injured.
Ms Fawell and Ms Davis Osborne had brought their children to the Ariana Grande concert on Monday and were waiting to collect them in the foyer of the Manchester Arena when Salman Abedi detonated a nail bomb.
The 50-year-old mother was killed, while Ms Davis Osborne was left badly injured. 
In an interview with The Mirror, Ms Davis Osborne, 39, said she is determined to honour her friend and not “let hate win”. 
“No matter what happens, we’ll never forget Wendy,” she said. “As hard as it is, I want to try to have some sort of normality for …